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If you are beautiful, handsome, intelligent and you believe you have what it takes to be the Pride of Imo,

Friday, 2 March 2018


Queen Jennifer Abeme, Face of Democracy Northern Nigeria 2017/2018 

FJ MODELS: Welcome to FJ Models, Miss FDN Northern Nigeria 2017/2018, it is nice to you have you.

Miss FDN Northern Nigeria: Thank you for having me.

Please can you introduce yourself?

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


The Naija Fashion Home Anniversary Gala and Award Night comes up on August, 2018. The event is to celebrate the Second Anniversary of Naija Fashion Home and to also host designers, models and entrepreneurs from the fashion industry. The event will have four major aspects to it which includes Pageantry, Fashion Runway, Exhibition, NFH awards for members and invited dignitaries and Find Raising for the Naija Fashion Home Charity Foundation. 


The Nigerian Fashion King and Queen 2018

The prices for

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


Queen Mmesoma Ikeh, MBQN INT'L 2017

Mmesoma Ikeh is a 22 year old that hails  from Ugwueke in Bende L. G. A., Abia State. She is a graduate of University of Uyo from the department of Communication Arts, University of Uyo, Awka Ibom State, Nigeria. She is the Most

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Valentine's Day Message from Miss Mmesoma Iyke, Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria Int'l 2017

Queen Nmesoma Iyke, Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria International 2017

Valentine's Day which is mapped out as lovers day,  shouldn't be the only avenue to show love. Show and share love everyday and every time not limited to some section of people but to everyone we can possibly reach out to. It shouldn't be a day to make out romantic moves or for sexual activities.  It goes beyond that.  There is much to Valentine's Day to just that. Hence, Let see it as a day to impact In lives sharing and showing love not limited to just today or valentines day but should be a routine,  an everyday thing.. Thanks.

☆Happy☆ ♡Valentine's♡ ☆Day☆

QUEEN OF FRESHERS 2018 in Federal University of Technology, Owerri, IMO State

Queen of Freshers 2018

The Queen of Freshers 2018 is set to

Thursday, 8 February 2018


Nna-udosen Chikaodili Eno-obong, Miss Nigeria at Miss Africa Calabar 2017

FJ Models: Hello Miss Chikaodili, welcome to FJ Models. It is a great honor having you with us.

Miss Chikaodili:
 The pleasure is mine

FJ Models:  Please can you introduce yourself so we won't leave out what we ought not to?
Miss Chikaodili: My name is Nna-udosen Chikaodili Enobong.

FJ Models: Miss Chikaodili, tell us about yourself. Everyone will want to know a pretty model beyond just her name.
Miss Chikaodili: Well I hail from Ibiono-Ibom in Akwa-Ibom State. 23 year old Nigerian with a degree in Economics from the  Prestigious University of Nigeria,Nssuka.
I am a Girl who likes to dance, travel and make friends. I love good music and everything entertainment, with respect to that I won the Most beautiful girl in Nigeria ECOWAS title in 2015 (MBGN ECOWAS) where I got the chance to represent Nigeria at the Miss Tourism International which took place in Ukraine. Recently I was opportune to represent my able country at the Miss Africa Calabar 2017 pageant in calabar.

FJ Models:  Wow, your profile is very beautiful and impressive.

You are pretty much an international model.
Miss Chikaodili: You can say that again, all the same thank you

FJ Models: You are welcome.

How did your modeling career all start because I know every journey begins with a step?
Miss Chikaodili: Of course every journey begins with a step, it all started in my university days when I contested for my departmental Queen(Miss Economics) and also my university Queen (Miss UNN). In both cases I was first and second runner up respectively but it didn't make me give up on myself and my dreams so I had to take it to the next level.


FJ Models: I believe you are already in the next level you wanted to be in.

Well, let's talk about the most recent contest.
You contested with 24 different African countries in the just concluded Miss Africa Calabar 2017 in which a lot of Nigerians threw their support for you.
Tell us about the whole experience.
Miss Chikaodili: Still getting there.

Hmmmmmmm,it was a good one but at the same time it was stressful and competitive. Nigeria being the host country made it a lot competitive because there was this huge responsibility and expectations coming from every dimension that I had to fulfill although there was was an advantage attached to it. The whole experience was educative, challenging, and fun. Nigerians, I must say, were very supportive and let me use this opportunity to say THANK YOU THANK YOU.

Nevertheless, the pageant was centered on climate change and migration which has long been a threat to human beings and our environment. It is something that needs to be tackled.

Miss Chikaodili, Miss Nigeria at Miss Africa Calabar 2017 on a cultural attire
FJ Models:  Quite a lot of people predicted that the Contestant from Bostwana would claim the crown. However, in every competition everyone wants to win.
What do you feel went wrong for you as you missed the crown?
Miss Chikaodili: In every competition there can only be one winner and to this Miss Botswana wore the crown.

In this regard, I believe I gave in my all and my all was good enough to have landed me in top 15.

FJ Models: What do you take from the competition?
Miss Chikaodili: I took home with me an ambassadorial position, friends, lasting memories, connections and above all self development.
 It was indeed awesome.

FJ Models:  Asides being a model and pursuing a successful career in modelling, what other thing do you do?
Miss Chikaodili: I am currently serving in Lagos, Silverbird to be precise,  trying to acquire skills in fashion and designing and looking forward to furthering my studies.
FJ Models: It is quite awesome. Can you permit me to call you model entrepreneur?
 Queen Odili: Model entrepreneur...not bad

FJ Models: Which competition has been the biggest and most challenging for you, of all you have participated in?
Miss Chikaodili: It is definitely Miss Africa Calabar. It was overwhelming.

FJ Models:  How's has the support from your parents been?
Miss Chikaodili: My dad is late and it has been my mum all this while. She has been my backbone emotionally, spiritually, psychologically and financially.
FJ Models:  Wow, May his soul keep resting in perfect peace.

FJ Models: What is your next plan and future aspirations?
Miss Chikaodili: To own the best fashion house and to create a name in the entertainment industry.

FJ Models: You have achieved a lot in your modelling career, what is your advice for models wanting to have a good career in modelling like you?
Miss Chikaodili: It's simple, pray, be passionate, work hard and believe in yourself and everything follows.

FJ Models:  Thanks a lot for being with us. We wish you all the best.

Miss Chikaodili: Thanks for having me, it's been nice talking to you.

Miss Africa Calabar 2017 contestants after a radio session at Hit FM

Nna-udosen Chikaodili, posing after an a radio session at Hit FM during Miss Africa Calabar 2017.


Sunday, 7 January 2018

Miss Ihezue Ugochi, Miss MBGN 2017, awarded FJ Models' Model of the Year for 2017

FJ Models keeps tabs on the latest happenings in Modeling in Nigeria and beyond. All our gists revolves around Modeling in Nigeria especially and beyond. 
In what we do, we get to see how well our Nigerian Models perform in the Industry. 

Therefore, because of Models are been rated high as they participate and win crowns in top competitions, FJ Models hereby award Miss Ihezue Ugochi, the Miss Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria 2017, the first ever FJ Models' Model of the Year for 2017 having recognised the great and admirable achievements she had last year. 

FJ Models'  Model of the Year for 2017

Miss Ihezue Ugochi achieved so greatly in the model industry in 2017 as she was crowned the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, which gave her the opportunity to represent Nigeria at the Miss World 2017 model contest that held in China.  Miss Ihezue Ugochi represented Nigeria very well but was only able to make it to the top 15 list which was the Semi Final stage. She is however seen as Miss World to Nigerians.

Highlights of Miss Africa Calabar 2017

The second edition of Miss Africa Calabar 2017 held on  December, 2017  at the Calabar International Conference Centre in Calabar, Cross River State. 

It is an initiative of the Governor Ayade led Cross River Government to promote GREEN ECONOMY A TOOL FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, whilst merging beauty with nature and a tenacious cause centered around creating the much needed awareness on Man's direct and indirect impact on her environment.

The show in attendance had prestigious personalities such as

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria Universe 2017 shares her story with FJ Models in an interview

MBQN Universe 2017
Queen Alpho-igwe Prisca(MBQN Universe 2017)

FJ MODELS: Good Morning
Miss MBQN Universe, please can we meet you?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Good morning, I'm Queen Alpho-igwe Prisca by name, the current Most beautiful Queen in Nigeria Universe 2017.

FJ MODELS: We are pleased to have you, Queen Prisca. Tell us about