Thursday, 12 November 2015

Nigerian Youths

Good day my friends. I am a young Nigerian that has grown concerns about the situation of youths in our country. We are in a country where those who started ruling close to when we got independence at 1960 are still in government. Political recycle is what has been the dawn of the day. I do hear that we need experienced people in the government but my friends I believe there is a reason why the word consultancy exist. If someone who was told 40 years ago that his generation were the LEADERS OF TOMORROW and has not seen any recognition of the youths in government, then what is the faith of the younger ones.
Moreover, for those who are football lovers can agree with me that the reason of Jose Mourinho's failure with Chelsea in the 2015/2016 is as result of his adamancy in the test in other players and trust in his younger players rather than sticking to the same squad in every game. Well, leaving football and coming back to politics, economists recognizes the youth as the active force of the economy.
We need to have leaders in this country in every part of the government and not politicians, be it in any political party or in the House of Assembly or Local government, State government and the Federal government. We Leaders who play behind the scenes politics for the interest of the general public and not for their selfish intersts. We should remember that this life is lived once and we should endeavor to live a life that will give us a great name for the sake of our children to come. It is painful that the poor gets poorer and the rich gets richer. Let the us, especially the rich, show love to the poor as Jesus Christ did when He came to this world.
My dear friends, I urge us all to work towards having a better Nigeria. We do have various talents as individuals, we should work herd to develop our talents and use it for the good of ourselves and our country. God bless you, God bless our Leaders and God bless Nigeria. Thank you.
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