Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Parents Stay Close!!!


In this modern day, many parents are very much focused on trying to make money to be put food on their tables. Some parents could require two or more jobs to be able achieve this. Well, most at times it is usually the father who is always busy as it is his responsibility to provide money for the family. A man in his pursuit to carry out his responsibilities could have more than one pond to deep his hook into. As we do see men who own several companies and even men who are bricklayers and are truck pushers at the same time. In essence, there is always a tendency for these men to spend more time trying to make money than with their family. Most especially their children. Don’t you think that when you spend more time with someone, the both of you will get to know each other more?      

Okay, have you observed this before?

“In a family that a man and his wife who stays in different rooms have four children and all the four children are closer to the mother than the father. All the four children?  Yes!!! They also don’t feel very free around their dad like they do feel around their mum”.

 Hey friends, what do you think is the reason? For me I do think their father must have spent more time away from the family when the children were young. Moreover, if the parents do spend more time away from their children, there is always a negative effect. Though, am a kind of person that doesn’t like anything that has to do with long distance especially when it involves relationship with people. I once read in a vanguard newspaper of a boy of about 10 years old who said he knows the female house help in his house than his mother who is always busy at work?

A close relationship between parents and their children is very important. If the relationship is good and the parents are not always far from their children, the bond, unity and love will grow from strength to strength. Remember, the family is the first institution of learning and the beginning of one’s identity.
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