Saturday, 21 November 2015

Sleep With Her Or You Are Fired


Hello guys, there are situations people find themselves in especially at work and are caught up with different thoughts at the same time. Has your boss at work asked you to sleep with him/her or he/she will get you fired? Well, Frank is a victim of such horrible situations. However, some people might not see it as a horrible situation if their boss is sexy.

              Frank is a young man, 32 years of age, and got married to Silvia at the beginning of the year 2015, four months before he got employed at the company he works in. He has been in this job which his first job since he finished school for two months. His wife was unemployed.

              Frank was a hardworking young man who loved his wife, his job and was always punctual at work. He did all tasks given to him effectively and efficiently. He was very much admired by his female colleagues and also by his female boss because of his good looks.

             In the beginning of his first third month the job, his salary was paid to him. As he got the bank alert on his phone, he was shocked because there was a 50% increase in the salary paid to him. “A two months old worker getting a 50% increase”, he said to himself. He asked his colleague who was also two months old how much was paid to him and surprisingly, there was no increase. Frank being a very honest man, he felt he did not deserve the increase in his salary. So he got up from his desk and went to the office of his boss who was actually expecting him because she knew Frank was a very honest man. He knocked twice and was asked to come in. As he came in, he sat down. He was not allowed to talk as his boss came over to him and was seducing him. Being in great shock, Frank resisted immediately. His boss kept on attempting to seduce him as he was resisting. Frank’s boss quickly got angry and threatened to fire him if he doesn’t sleep with her.

           This is very interesting. Frank did not want to cheat on his wife because he loved her very much. If Frank ends up sleeping with her, she will keep demanding to sleep with him. That might become an affair that might lead to the end of his marriage as well as the end of his job, which is like losing everything. Hmmm, if I was in Frank’s shoes I wonder what I will do because I really don’t know.

         So my good friends, if u were in Frank’s shoes what will you do?
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