Tuesday, 17 November 2015



         Terror has infected our world with fear and has distanced the world from anything close to safe. Mr. Terror how do you want the world to be like if we are all gone?
        In trying to understand the gains you make, the pains grow even more. We cry and weep for the lives Mr. Terror has taken.

        We should live for the happiness of others. and not take the happiness of others, for we have blood flowing through our veins and heart pumping blood at every beat.
        No matter how we hide the heart that keeps us living with lies and in darkness, we still do have a heart with a conscience. Even in darkness our conscience speaks the truth.
        Terror is an error. Let us stay strong and eliminate this error from the world. Let the air we freely breathe take away the hate in us and makes us agents of peace.

        May God O Lord not let His people perish.

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