Saturday, 14 November 2015

The Dreams Of A Young Man

                  The Dreams Of A Young Man

             As a young man what do you dream of? Do you have dreams? What do you want to become in the next few years? Do you want to keep hoping in the next few years that your future will be bright with the fall of manna from heaven? Well, one has to have a direction and a destination. Can you aim to go to paradise without knowing the directions that will lead you to the paradise you want to go to?

             The dreams of a young man are his goals. These goals can be achieved with a well-structured plan and God's grace. Good planning is the key to many successful men and women in world. As you plan yourself and your activities based on your goals and achievements, you learn yourself more and know what works and does not work for you.

            Do you know yourself? Do you know what you are capable of doing and what you are not capable of doing? Knowing yourself is very key in being successful in the future. This contributes in having achievable goals in life. Dream, have your goals, make your plans and with your commitment to a good course that will benefit you and the society as well as with God's grace, then you are in for a wonderful journey to your paradise.

           However, my dear friends never settle for a Volvo(the kind reigning in the 90’s) when you can have a Range Rover Sports or one even better. Never settle for a flat with one bedroom when you can have a flat with three bedroom Hey! I did not say you should be greedy. No! Appreciate what you have but aim high and fly high. 
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