Friday, 13 November 2015

Think and Plan Your Tomorrow

Planning to remain successful is more important than planning to be successful.

                          Hey! Do you make plans on how you to make the most use of the money you dream, hope or work hard to get? A million naira is a whole lot of money that is very capable of making not going back to the status you were in before but the problem is how to use it in the right and productive way.

                           Well, for many successful battles, good plans with early preparations were the key. Do you wish as a graduate from a Nigerian university, where you learnt how to be a professional only on the paper for about four to five years or more, to be a job hunter that will settle for a pay that in ten years will not be able to match half the amount that was spent on your education? My dear friends, young men both those in school and not in school should know that self-building, which involves learning of material skills and non-material skills, is greatly important.  What are these materials and non-material skills? Did you study Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering? Do you know how to repair a generator set (Remember many houses do use big generator sets that are costly) or do you know how to wire a house? (You can wire an estate) If you don’t. Why? Is very much in your field. Well you should go learn these skills, they are investments.

                           Let me ask you this question. What will do with a million naira if you got it tomorrow. Flex??  Buy that watch, pairs of cool shoes, cool shirts and cool jeans or buy the girl of your dreams cool stuffs?  My friend why don’t you make great plans that are achievable so that when good opportunities come along, you will make your life a better one as an achiever and there will be no need to wait for another opportunity.

Make your future bright with the hard toils and sweat of your present.

Finally, know that business is not just making profits and loss, but business is the business of being in business.
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