Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Lady Was Brutally Attacked By Robbers In Abuja

According to Facebook user, Lara Wise, the incident happened in the Wuse area of Abuja. The victim who happens to be a friend was stabbed with a knife and screwdriver. Below is her post:
The following pictures and story may be disturbing. Viewer discretion as advised. Criminals have become extremely desperate and have perfected their acts to evade suspecting eyes and security watch. This happened in Abuja. In Wuse to be precise. 
It was supposed to be a '' one chance "ride but the victim didn't suspect anything because the vehicle was empty and didn't look like a trap at all. This is what the criminals do now. You flag down a cab. It pulls over. You negotiate fare and hop in. It is empty. You sit at the back or in front and the cab moves.
The driver applies the child lock button. Then, from the boot (trunk) of the car, a criminal accomplice who has all the while been quietly coiled up there, moves into the car from the back seat and then you realize you are not alone after all. Try as much as the passenger /victim can, the door will not open because it is at that desperate moment between life and death that he or she realizes that the door knob is unresponsive from inside: damaged on purpose and for the intent to trap in the passenger. Please be vigilant. I always teach that once you enter a cab, close the door and try opening from inside before the driver moves. If it doesn't open, tell the driver you are no longer going. Now I have added the opening of boot / trunk to my assessment list. This latest victim is a friend. She is still recuperating as she was stabbed severally with a knife and a screwdriver. Be vigilant and security conscious

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