Thursday, 12 January 2017


As a model, your skin is as important as your carriage and cat walk. It is very necessary to take care of your skin as gives you advantage in modelling.
A bad skin can be caused by different things such as overexposure to sunlight,excess use of chemically based cosmetics, medical condition, pollution, excessive smoking etc.
There are many ways to make your face and skin lighter, I will list them here for you.

- The exposure to sunlight causes the skin to darken as it induces the melanin pigment in your skin. Therefore, prevent the frequent exposure to sunlight.
- Washing of your face regularly with warm water preferably removes the dust particles on the face.
- Exposure to cool weather, air conditioner and cool places generally is more than the sunlight.
- The reliance on some facial creams are dangerous as a result of their after effects. However, natural solutions are better off.
- Milk contains pepsin and protease which causes melanin degradation, therefore its application helps in lightening the skin.

Some natural solutions include;
        - Thorough application of the gel in the Aloe Vera leaves on the face. The cooling effect of aloe vera aids regenerate new cells and rebuild new cells, which is important for a healthy skin.
        - Application of freshly squeezed lemon is very good for the skin. The acidic property in lemon acts as a natural bleaching agent and the vitamin C content in it encourages new cell growth.
        - Honey helps in bleaching the skin as it also acts as a moisturizing agent. Applying it is helpful.
        - Vitamin C is the most important ingredient in skin care. It is in found in abundance in Oranges. Also, the bleaching properties of Oranges helps in lightening the skin.

These are few ways in which we can take care of our skin and face. Have fun!!!

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