Friday, 3 November 2017

Most Beautiful Igbo Girl Universe 2017 set to hold in Owerri, Registrations now on!!!

The second of edition of the Most Beautiful Igbo Girl Universe 2017 is set to hold on 30th of December, 2017.

This Season, the model event will be hosted by the city of Owerri.

This pageant is made open for Young Girls of IGBO EXTRACTIONS (between the ages of 17 and 28)

Find Registration Details at the picture below.

The Most beautiful Igbo Universe Pageant is a platform for "Umu Ada Igbo" (Igbo Daughters) to serve humanity and empower communities in the Igbo Nation, Nigeria and around the world thus giving our outstanding daughters the rare opportunity to display their Artistic Skills, Intelligence, Confidence, Cultural Pride and Leadership. 

This model event will be aimed at the following 
  • Promote Glory, Beauty and Uniqueness of our Igbo Heritage, International Cultural Awareness and Community Pride
  • To further develop our young ladies in becoming self reliant.
  • Finally, to provide an enabling platform to further develop Umu Ada Igbo (Young Girls of Extraction) in becoming self reliant and they display their beauty and artistic skills, encourage Igbo Language speaking skills, Cultural Pride, Leadership and Family values in other to further advance themselves in Nigeria and the entire global communities.

Contestants will be evaluated based on their uniqueness, intelligence, physical appearance, eloquence, compatibility, fashion and style with focus on Igbo Cultural Promotion.

Registrations are ongoing. To register, follow the instructions on the picture below

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