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Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria Universe 2017 shares her story with FJ Models in an interview

MBQN Universe 2017
Queen Alpho-igwe Prisca(MBQN Universe 2017)

FJ MODELS: Good Morning
Miss MBQN Universe, please can we meet you?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Good morning, I'm Queen Alpho-igwe Prisca by name, the current Most beautiful Queen in Nigeria Universe 2017.

FJ MODELS: We are pleased to have you, Queen Prisca. Tell us about

MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: I'm a very simple kind of kind person, currently a student of Federal University of Technology, Owerri in IMO state. I am the second, out of three children and of course first and last daughter,if you know what I mean *winks*. I hail from IMO state but tend to speak and act like an Anambrain because I was born and brought up in Onitsha to be precise though my maternal blood flows from there too. You will get to know more as we flow. Thank you.

FJ MODELS: Wow, I can tell that there are a lot of things to know about you. We can't wait to hear the full gist.

You've given us a brief summary about yourself, share with us a history of your modeling career.
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: My modelling career, wow!. Initially, I wasn't able to start because of some funny reasons but as God may have it I got to join my first ever agency that moulded me into being a stronger model.

How did I know about the agency? I had no phone then, I went to a friend's place to discuss about buying phone the next day and boom I saw an advert poster on her phone about free casting and audition and you know we Nigerians like free things *lol*. I picked interest, called the number and that's how I saw myself on the verge of becoming a super model.

My first audition is actually a very awkward experience. I finished preparing and felt the urge that there was no need going since I don't know anything about modelling yet but then I said since I will still go to that side to buy phone let me just go and try my luck.
I got in very late, scared, shy and all that. Funniest part was that I almost poured the judge's drink. Fortunately, I was accepted because I was sincere with my answers but on a condition that I have two weeks to perfect my walk. Then, that was when Nwaka Chidiebere a God sent came to my help, tutored me to an extent I had to pass after the two weeks grace. Kay models management then known as Exquisite models management groomed me gave me a platform to go for my first contest in which grace pulled me to win the crown.

Having won Miss Galaxy IMO Queen 2016 I had a compulsory slot to represent IMO in the miss Galaxy Nigeria pageant 2016 which I came out as the most popular model(first runner up). I made a decision that even if I will retire I must go for a mixed gender contest and that's how I got myself going for most beautiful queen in Nigeria. Truth be told, I got discouraged at some point. I dropped and started all over again. At a point, I was like let me just go and have my fun and get connections but as God may have it, I got a nice platform to fulfill every impact I dreamt of making in the industry before retiring, I got a perfect motivation as king and a perfect boss anyone can ever work with.
In summary, my modelling career has been all about grace.
Thank you

FJ MODELS: Wow!!! wow!! wow!!!
Your modelling career has been an interesting story. A very interesting one
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: *Awwwnnnn*

FJ MODELS: You made mention of some funny reasons that that stopped you from delving into modeling when you wanted to.

What were those reasons?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Trying to be a faithful partner to someone who isn't in support of my dreams

FJ MODELS: Hmm, this is getting really interesting.

Does the partner you mentioned mean you are married?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Not at all. That is why I termed it funny reasons.

FJ MODELS: This seems to be exciting. Can you tell us more?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: *Lol*, at this junction we are cool *lol*

FJ MODELS: It seems you don't want us to know beyond this.
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Yea you know right. It is in the past already but the fact is that it was my best motivation.

FJ MODELS: If your partner discouraged you from going into modeling, what then were your parents views on being a model?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: I always put God first. Funny enough, they are my number one fans.

FJ MODELS: You have participated in  three model competitions, in your first one you did superb as a newbie in modelling.

How was your experience in  the three different model for competitions?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Normal because I use to have this mindset that whatever comes out of it is okay by me in as much as I put in my best to win.

FJ MODELS: Yes, that's good but what what was the experience in the different competitions?

What were their different challenges?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: To be sincere, my major challenge so far is finance, if i can get enough sponsorship I bet I will always come out better.

FJ MODELS: Cool. I'm sure with the way you are going, you are getting to something really big
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Its all by His grace

FJ MODELS: So what's next for you?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: For now, all on my mind is project and work. I want to give back to the society, giving skill to the girl child is my priority, putting a smile on faces of the homeless has taken over all my thought. If and only if sponsors keep coming, I will sure leave make an impact and imprint my name before my handover. I really want to leave the office unforgettable.

FJ MODELS: These are really amazing thoughts and plans. I do hope you accomplish all.                MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: Amen

FJ MODELS: Which of the crowns is the biggest for you?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017: All the crowns are big in their own way

FJ MODELS: It has really been an incredible journey for you.

So, what will be your advice those who will be looking up to and those who will want to become successful in modelling?
MBQN UNIVERSE 2017 Keep pushing hard...no matter how though it might seem...and don't forget..a race with God is termed GRACE..

FJ MODELS: Queen Alpho-Igwe Prisca, Most Beautiful Queen in Nigeria Universe, thank you very much for being with us. It is an honor having you.
We hope to see you on a bigger stage soon and we wish you all the best.

Please drop your social accounts for those who wish to follow you up.
Facebook- Queen Alpho-igwe Prisca Soczy

It was nice having this with you..bigger you and season's greetings.

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