Tuesday, 24 April 2018

HOW I WON MY FIRST MODEL CONTEST- Face of Zirock Nigeria 2018 (Miss Tourism)

Queen Jessica Stephens, Face of Zirock Nigeria 2018 (Miss Tourism) 

 I am Queen Jessica Stephens, I hail from IMO State and I am a 300 level student of IMO State University.
  Modeling has been something I have a passion for right from my secondary school days
  I couldn't start it as at then because my family was against it
  But as time passed, my passion for it grew more.
 So I joined DIAMOND MODELLING AGENCY, I did that secretly
but later on my family found out about it and decided to let me be since I was so in love with it.

How Queen Jessica Stephens won Face of Zirock Nigeria 2018 (Miss Tourism), her first model competition.

 Prayer, Passion, Dedication. These three things would not only make one win crowns but it would take one to the top. Anything worth doing is worth doing well

 Firstly, I made friends with queens and ex queens of different organizations. I surrounded myself with friends with positive mindset. I read a lot because of the question section. I read books about pageantry and current affairs. I literally read everything I saw during that period because questions could come from any angle.

  I learned catwalk well also. There are YouTube channel where catwalk lessons are taught which I watched. Plus I am a model, so we also go for lessons.
Mind you any one can contest for pageantry, the point I am trying to make is that being a queen is totally different from being a model.......so as a model we are being taught how to catwalk too.


Difference between a Fashion Model and a Beauty Queen

 A fashion model will subordinate her personality to allow the clothes/product she is exhibiting for shine,while the beauty queen has to the opposite, it is her personality that must take center page, the clothes and accessories is just to complement her personality.

In a simple way, what I just simply say is that fashion models work for a brand while beauty queens themselves are the brand.


Queen Jessica Stephens, Face of Zirock Nigeria 2018 (Miss Tourism) 

Queen Jessica Stephens, Face of Zirock Nigeria 2018 (Miss Tourism) 
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